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Sam Maloof: "The Boston Rocker"

The furniture of midcentury craftsman Sam Maloof (1916-2009) and the art made by 35 members of his circle of friends are explored in a groundbreaking ...
Sam Maloof: "The Boston Rocker"
A Moving Sculpture: A Sam Maloof Inspired Rocker, A Rocking Chair by Mark DeCou

Hand carved oak chair

Music and production Grzegorz Cholewa
Hand carved oak chair
Padauk Maloof Inspired Rocker

Build a Rocking Chair - Drilling the Angles

How to drill the 2-plained angles for a rocking chair.
Build a Rocking Chair - Drilling the Angles
Custom Made Maloof Inspired Rocker In Ambrosia Maple

Build your own wooden Baby Rocker (HD)! sells laser-cut kits and measurement free digital plans over the internet at This babyrocker is quick to build and only ...
Build your own wo oden Baby Rocker (HD)!
Classic Rocking Chair

Signature Chair FH429 by Frits Henningsen

Carl Hansen & Søn is now recreating the Signature Chair from 1954, the final work designed and produced by Frits Henningsen. Watch the making of the ...
Signat ure Chair FH429 by Frits Hen ningsen
Maloof Inspired rocker by Mark DeCou.

Building a Simple Rocking Chair

In this DVD sample, woodworker Scot Morrison demonstrates the techniques involved in Building a Simple Rocking Chair. The clip is set to hard-hitting music, ...
Building a Si mple Ro cking Chair
Maloof-inspired rocker

How to use the bandsaw.
Check out how to get one of these kits

9 spindles Cylinder

Suba Tech Trading 3D Cylindrical Engraving Machine-3512F8-M Performance Features 4axis processing, could process almost all different ...
9 spin dles Cylinder

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